More About KEMET Capacitors

KEMET capacitors--some smaller than a grain of salt--are fundamental components that store, filter, and regulate electrical energy and current flow. As one of the essential passive components used in circuit boards, they are found in virtually all electronic applications and products used today. These include communication systems, data processing equipment, personal computers, smart phones, automotive electronic systems, defense and aerospace systems, consumer electronics, power management systems and many other electronic devices. Capacitors are typically used to filter out interference, smooth the output of power supplies, block the flow of direct current while allowing alternating current to pass and for many other purposes.

KEMET’s broad line of capacitors is manufactured in many different sizes and configurations using a variety of raw materials. Our product line consists of over 250,000 distinct part configurations distinguished by various attributes, such as dielectric (or insulating) material, configuration, encapsulation, capacitance level and tolerance, performance characteristics and packaging. Most of our customers have multiple capacitance requirements, often within each of their products. Our broad product offering allows us to meet the majority of those needs independent of application and end use.